Custom Embroidered Patches

Merrow Border

Merrow Border

A merrow border is full-stitched border applied after your patches are finished being stitched. The merrow border holds the underlying threads together and offers a thick threaded appearance to the edges of your patches. Merrow borders are best suited for simple shapes such as circles, squares and rectangles.


Hot Cut Border

Hot cut borders are stitched into your original design, then the edges of your patches are sealed with a hot iron to prevent fraying and offer durability.


Iron-On Backing

Iron on backings allow you to first iron your patches onto your garment or material prior to sewing it on. Iron on applications are considered semi-permanent and can withstand several washes.


Self Adhesive Backing

Often called peen-and-stick, the self-adhesive backing offers a great temporary application that’s quick and easy. Patches with self-adhesive backings can be later sewn on if desired.


Velcro Backing

Velcro backings offer durability and flexibility in applications where patches will be changed out or swapped frequently or occasionally. This is the most common type of backing seen in use for military patches.

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